8. International Opel Tuning Show

We are pleased to announce the 8. International Opel Tuning show which will be held on ŠRC Korana in Karlovac between 22.06.2018 and 24.06.2018!

After a long break we continue with the tradition of meetings in Karlovac and we hope you will join us in greater then ever number.

You can enjoy a rich program which includes a sexy car wash, club games, Streetstyle a visual car tuning competition and a Streetsound competition where we measure the car intake and exhaust noise.

Throughout the day our resident DJ Yvann and presenter Emilio Dalbello will make sure the atmosphere and spirits remain high. This is an event you should not miss out.

As in past years catering stall will be available with food and drinks.

There are a few additions this year that will raise the safety and quality level. Everything will be explained to you when you get here.



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Event plan:


Price list:

Entrance with a car: 80Kn / 10€

Competition fee: 20Kn / 3€

Free entrance to spectators.

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